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What Say Global Coin-Op Equipment's Customers?

Rewards for Intercard Customers

--from the March 2011 Intercard Newsletter

Mr. Karl Ross, owner of Laserdome in Manheim, Pennsylvania converted from tokens and tickets to the Intercard system in January, 2011. The sales increase bump was an unexpected bonus to the substantial operational cost savings! Karl said "I installed the Intercard system for the cost savings and have ended up with higher sales because all of the games now only require one simple swipe of the debit card!"

Karl explained the many benefits of the switch to a remote data storage debit card system:

  • The bank saw the cost savings in ticket and token expenses as the reason to approve the loan.
  • Technical problems which used to slow down our operation with clogged tickets or tokens is now reduced to one of two things to check-the server or the card reader, both of which can be fixed quickly.
  • With the Intercard system, they handle the secure reduntant data backup so my records are secure.
  • The Intercard system was recommended by Global Coin Op because it allows games that use tokens as part of the game to still drop down for play!
  • Our ProArcade with XBoxes and other home style games went from 8 minutes of play with 8 tokens, to 12 minutes of play for a $2.00 debit on their card. "Players are swiping twice in succession to get 24 minutes of play for $4.00, doubling our revenue for most players."
  • All games have seen increases because all the payments are with one method of payment that is fast and easy.


The Sports Arena
1640 Outer Hammond St.
Bangor, Maine

Steve McCaul

Global Coin-Op Equipment

164-I Summer Street, Suite 160

Kingston MA 02364


Dear Steve,


Just thought I would drop you a note about how pleased I am with our new redemption arcade.  All your expertise has paid off by doubling our arcade revenues!  Some of the games we brought in have already paid for themselves in 6 months!!! Our customers rave about the new swipe card system, and the employees can't believe how easy the system is to explain and operate! Last, but not least, you are always easy to deal with and extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of setting up a professional game room.! Keep up the good work and I look forward to working with you in the future with NEW game purchases!


Len Cole, Owner

The Sports Arena

Carousel Slating Rink Facility with Game Room
Whitman Massachusetts

Carousel Family Fun Center Testimonial

Putters Land Family Fun Center & Mini Golf
Minster Ohio

Putters Lane Fun Center Testimonial


Scalliwags LLC - An Adventure for Kids Game Room
Pembroke Massachusetts

From:     Sheila Farragher-Gemma                       (Response To Query)
Subject: Re: [BeyondtheCake] Arcade Games


Hi Wayne,


Congrats!  I highly recommend Steve McCaul at Global coin. He has been with us from the beginning and has really given us some great advice and insight into how to run our Arcade. You can reach him at 781-585-8600 or  


Sheila Farragher-Gemma

Scalliwags LLC - An Adventure for Kids
781-826-WAGS (9247)
Web Site




From:        Wayne Croft                                     (Query To Coin-Op Industry)

Subject:    [BeyondtheCake] Arcade Games


After a long wait, I just received my permit to build my FEC. I'm looking at different vendors for purchasing arcade games and to set up my prize redemption arcade room. Does anybody have recommendations? Also, please let me know the top arcade games that you recommend.

Wayne Croft

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Steve McCaul
Steve McCaul
Global Coin-Op Equipment
Amusement Arcade Redemption Game Specialists
Contact: [1] 617-688-6889

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